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Advertise with Us

At Blue Lake Products, I completely understand that the best way to gain consumer attention is by advertising, which is why I have set up different media kits that would surely be a good fit for your business.

Here’s a brief overview of some forms of advertisement that we have to offer.

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle Display Banner

Situated at the top right portion of the website, this has been proven to generate the highest ad impression for display advertisement.

728 x 90 Leaderboard Display Banner

When the website loads in the visitor’s browser, the leaderboard is the first thing that they see. It is situated in the header section at the top of the page.

300 x 600 Half Page Display Banner

The perfect option if you want to achieve a fast ad impression for display advertisement. The banner size gives you the chance to provide more details about your business to entice potential customers.

Do you want to know more about the available forms of advertisements I have? Are you ready to advertise with Blue Lake Products?

Let me help you with your business. Send me an email at jay@bluelakeproducts.com. I look forward to doing business with you soon!