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About Blue Lake Products

Hello there! Welcome! I’m so happy that you discovered my blog for Blue Lake Products. My name is Jay Colley and I used to work as an advertising executive for 5 years before I got bitten by the entrepreneur bug.

I’ve always loved receiving personalized gifts from family, friends, and colleagues. Whenever I receive these types of gifts, it makes me grateful of the effort made by the giver. And this is where I got my inspiration in choosing the business venture that I wanted to delve into.

Blue Lake Products is just in its early stages, but I hope, along with the help of my family and friends, that it will soon be known as a great source for personalized designs and custom wholesale merchandise.

Having something personalized and custom made does not necessarily mean that it has to be commercially available for a quick purchase. My blog will focus on providing you with an assortment of information on custom made and personalized merchandise.

You’ll also find handy instructional articles that can give you ideas and tips on how to create that unique gift. You’ll see that making something with the recipient in mind automatically makes it a personalized and customized item.

As part of my readership, I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well! I look forward to your next visit!