4 Do It Yourself Ideas for Personalized Gift Baskets

Personalized gifts have become quite popular for several years and it looks like they are here to stay. However, nothing says you care than gifting that special someone with a gift basket that contains all the good stuff he or she loves.

Are you having difficulty looking for a vendor that would have all the good stuff in just one basket? Why not try your hand out at creating your own?

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Baker’s Basket

Instead of the usual basket, why not use an inexpensive mixing bowl as the basket? Fill it up with good stuff that the baker would love. This is also a great gift for kids who are interested in baking.

You can choose the contents, such as spatula, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, and so much more, depending on how advanced  a baker the recipient is.

Hose Basket

Definitely not your usual garden basket variety. You would be using a garden hose as the base material for the basket (check out my instructional blog on how to create one). Throw in some gardening tools and plant seed packets…and you’re all set! To add more charm to the hose basket, why not use a small potted plant as the centerpiece?

Cook’s Basket

Don’t leave the cook behind! Use a shiny steel strainer as the basket. Fill it up with one themed set of ingredients or a mix and match of spices and other small cooking utensils. You can also add in a printout of a family recipe that you are willing to share.

Art Basket

Dollar store finds such as caddy baskets and art supplies are great for this gift idea. Make it more creative by adding a cute apron and wash rags. For more advanced artists, you can fill it up with their preferred art medium such as oils and high-quality brushes.

Regardless of the occasion, these do it yourself gift baskets would be as personalized as you can get. What’s your idea for a perfect personalized gift basket?

Jay Colley

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