Do It Yourself Garden Hose Basket

In a previous post, I mentioned using a hose basket for a personalized gardener’s gift. Here’s how you can create your own.


Brand new garden hose – choose your preferred length

A big pack of zip ties – choose your color preference

Sharp pair of heavy duty scissors

To Make the Basket

Start with one end of the garden hose, preferably the blunt end. Bend it underneath itself then proceed to winding the rest of the hose around this end. Make sure that it is snugly fit and bent.

Attach zip ties around the initial base after tightly winding it twice. Position the zip ties so the loose ends will be inside the basket. About 4 zip ties strategically placed per round is great to keep the hose firmly in place.

After the initial two rounds, you’ll need to add zip ties per round. Continue winding until you achieve your desired circumference for the hose basket.

Begin winding the hose around the top of the outermost circle to begin building the sides of the basket. Add 4 strategically placed zip ties for every loop. Continue until you reach your desired basket height but leave at least one foot of the hose unwound to create the handle.

Beginning from the last zip tie, calculate where you want the other side of the handle to be attached. Bend the hose to face the other side of the basket exactly. You should have a large loop that would resemble a basket handle.

Secure the bottom of the hose along the other side of the basket with zip ties and continue along the rest of the handle. Make sure that the other end of the hose is securely attached to the handle with zip ties as well. Snip the excess zip ties using a sharp pair of heavy duty scissors.

You now have a hose basket that would be a perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast. You can even create one for your very own garden to neatly hold your gardening tools in just one place. Did you happen to notice how the zip ties also create a sort of pattern?

Jay Colley

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